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Digital Arabia Network (DAN)


What is DAN?

DAN is the lab for the digital future in the Arab world.

DAN connects the leading creative and powerful digital innovators in the Arab world. As the platform for digital pioneers, #DAN connects all those who contribute to the transforming of our life into a better place: in arts, education, business, economy, media, NGOs and politics.

DAN aims at disrupting the immobility in the Arab World through connecting digital minds, creative individuals, inspiring initiatives and projects, strong businesses and active NGOs.

DAN believes in the potential of the digital technology in fostering gender equality & the social and financial inclusion of all communities in the Arab world.

DAN Spheres
Arts & Culture
We explore the impact of digital transformation on arts, culture and cultural heritage and we feature the work of digital artists in the region. DAN takes a look into what ways digital technologies created such an impact in the region.
 & The Future of Work
We empower the region to realize the untapped potential in digital business and prepare the labor market for digital transformation. DAN takes a look at Agritech, Edtech, Fintech, Healthtech, etc.
Civic Participation
We dream of smart cities that are driven by the power of civic engagement through technology. We share best practices, we foster discussions and we invite individuals from the society to participate in this.
Gender Equality 
& Inclusion
Accessibility, education and workforce are three main challenges on the way to equality. DAN strives through its activities to further support and drive Digital Inclusion in the MENA region through its partnerships and local initiatives.
Online Media & Journalism
The recent years have witnessed the wide spread of fake news and hate speech. It has also witnessed the death of printed media. Equipping journalists with the necessary tools to combat these issues is one of our missions in DAN.


We believe in connecting the Arab network into the digital community in all spheres: arts, business, culture, education, media, politics, technology is important etc.

Digital transformation contributes to the development of the Arab network digital literacy leapfrogs and advances the Arab network achieving gender equality in accessing digital technologies is imperative digitalization supports social and financial inclusion of the marginalized communities digital rights and openness protect the freedom and rights in the digital sphere.

We need to raise awareness of digital transformation potential across all aspects of life secure equal access to technologies and digital literacy to be able to close the socio-economic gap between rural and urban areas in the Arab World empower women not only to apply and study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), but to work in this field make technologies accessible for children promote openness and freedom in the digital sphere empower the digital community through connecting the bright and creative Arab minds.

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